Thursday, 26 November 2009

Taking 'Tubs' upriver

Dan's just bought a 30ft narrow boat called 'Tubs' and last weekend we started the long journey bringing her up to London.
The days were pretty dark, but we managed 9 hrs a day(with the help of beer, port, mulled wine and whiskey). Well we needed something to keep warm.

Trip to Mali photo festival

Check out info on festival here

Place we stayed in Bamako

My room

The river Niger

The kids outside our house

Check out more pics from trip here

My molting fig tree

My pic from Louise's group exhibition "Creatures'.

                                  'Woodland, after dusk'.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Pig and Goat Wedding of the year

Ok folks.
I've entered the world of blog purely for us to share the joy of S and O.
So join in(if you can, I have no idea how this works), and let's share those memories - good and bad.
We all know I took one or two pics so sorry for high volume,(this is actually a highly edited selection).
Let the adventure begin!

..........Ok, so that didn't quite go to plan(after about 6 hours work)!
Would take way too long to load all pics and also not very good quality, so........
Plan B. Click below for link to wedding pics.
Maybe I'll put a few of my favs here if I get chance.